Citadel introduces new Tax-Free Investment Plan

Colin Anthony
By Colin Anthony March 2, 2015 11:50

Press release

2 March 2015


Citadel Investment Services today announced the launch of a new product to South African investors, the Citadel Tax-Free Investment Plan (TFIP).

John Kennedy, Citadel Director: Wealth Planning

John Kennedy, Citadel Director: Wealth Planning

A tax-free investment is a discretionary product that will allow investors access to a wide spectrum of underlying investments, without being liable for any tax on interest, dividends and realised capital gains generated on investments within this product. Eligible products may include exposure to various asset classes, including money market, fixed income, equity and property investments or any combination thereof.

The Citadel Tax-Free Investment Plan has no minimum investment term, requires low contributions and is attractively priced. Depending on the underlying investments, funds should be available within days when needed.

“The features of this new initiative are aimed at encouraging South Africans to start saving from an early age, to save regularly over the long term and to dissuade them from dipping into their savings unnecessarily,” says John Kennedy,Citadel Director: Wealth Planning.

TFIPs  are available to individuals of all ages, but contributions to this product are restricted by regulatory annual and lifetime limits.

Kennedy advises that TFIPs should be used in addition to retirement savings, such as traditional retirement vehicles, including  retirement annuities (RA), and pension and provident funds, and should not be viewed as a replacement. The long-term nature of this product and its flexibility make it a product that should appeal to many.


A member of the Peregrine Group. Citadel Investment Services Proprietary Limited is licensed as a financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002.

Kindly note that this article does not constitute financial advice. All information and opinions provided are of a general nature and are not intended to address the circumstances of any individual.

Notes to the Editor:

Citadel is a specialist wealth manager with over 20 years’ experience in providing bespoke solutions for high net worth individuals. Through character-rich engagement and building strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust,Citadel enables its clients to explore the true potential of their hard-earned money. The best fiduciary, risk and asset management expertise is used to strategise, implement and manage a financial roadmap for its clients and their family. Visit for more information. @CitadelSA

Colin Anthony
By Colin Anthony March 2, 2015 11:50

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