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About us has been developed by Intellidex, a financial research and media firm. It has been conceptualised by Stuart Theobald, a qualified financial analyst and award-winning journalist, who is a doctoral candidate in philosophy of finance at the London School of Economics.

Intellidex is a leading South African research and media company that brings together top financial analysis skills with media experience.

Our research-driven content is published in partnership with some of South Africa’s leading media companies. We also consult to a range of financial services companies to improve their understanding of their markets and produce better products.

Our financial analysts also produce research on financial instruments and investment strategy. This includes sell-side research on listed instruments and valuations in partnership with brokers and other firms.

We are independent and not affiliated with any financial services company or media house. We pride ourselves on the integrity and independence of our research.

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Mayo Twala, BA, PDMM


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I have joined the Intelldex team as editor of – the site that has everything you need to know about tax-free savings in South Africa and provides wider guidance on personal finance issues. Furthermore, I co-ordinate research into the TFSA market and the company’s social media strategy.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, History and Organisational Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Media Management (PDMM) qualification from Rhodes University.

I look forward to guiding you, as the South African consumer, to enable you to maximise the benefits of tax-free saving personal finance issues.

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Researching Capital Markets & Financial Services


Researching Capital Markets & Financial Services

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