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  • FREE yourself from money fears by taking advantage of tax-free savings accounts
  • LEARN HOW to determine your savings objectives and the best way to deliver on them
  • PROVIDE for your children and your own future financial security


The public will be bombarded with marketing messages from investment houses as the tax-free savings account becomes operational on March 1.

Intellidex’s role is simply to help you select the best product for you. We do not offer any financial products ourselves but our team of financial analysts and journalists have researched the market and developed this site as an online tool to choose the optimal product, be it from a stockbroker, asset managers or bank.

Over the past five years Intellidex has conducted extensive annual research on the retail stockbroking industry. We recognise that clients have different needs and brokers have different specialisations. Our assessments position us well to match clients and brokers. In addition, we are experienced at developing financial media and training material for stockbroking clients.

The Investment Picker Selection Tool

This has been designed to be a first port of call for those planning to take advantage of the tax-free savings account.

Simply click the ‘pick a broker’ button. The tool includes questions to determine your investment objectives, risk profile and other information pertinent to selecting the most suitable product for you.

Once completed, the algorithm-based selection tool will select the financial products and institutions best suited to match your individual needs.

To begin, click here.


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