Great TFSA Race. Terms and Conditions

Colin Anthony
By Colin Anthony January 28, 2016 15:07

Terms & Conditions

1. By entering The Great TFSA Race you accept the competition’s terms and conditions. The competition is open to South African citizens of 18 years and above with an official South African identity book or card.

2. The competition will run from 1 February to 30 April 2016. Winners will be announced on 15 May 2016. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

3. Judges reserve the right to select winners at their sole discretion but the following will guide decisions for the three awards:

  • The BEST INVESTOR. The highest percentage return on the cash contributed during the period. This will be annualised and a minimum period must be met.
  • BEST STRATEGY. The investor who chooses the best ETFs to fit their savings objectives set out at the start. This will be a qualitative assessment by the judges.
  • The BIGGEST SAVER. The sum total value held in their account at the end of the period.

4. Contestants will be required to provide official statements containing monthly returns for use by the competition’s judges for February, March and April 2016.

5. Contestants will hold a bona fide tax-free savings account with any provider, opened on any date before 30 April 2016. Accounts can be consist of any form of account type (life policy, unit trust, ETF account, etc).

6. The R5 000 cash price will be invested into an EasyEquities Tax-Free Savings Account. If the winner does not have such an account, a new account will be created by EasyEquities for this purpose. Alternatively, if the winner has already met his/her annual contribution limit, the winnings will be invested into a taxable EasyEquities account.

7. Winners must comply with all requirements to open an EasyEquities account.

8. Competitors may from time to time be required to take part in interviews which will be published on various media platforms for the promotion of the competition. Competitors may choose to not use their real names in such coverage.

9. Employees, contractors and agents of Intellidex, EasyEquities and their advertising agencies may not enter.


Colin Anthony
By Colin Anthony January 28, 2016 15:07

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